About Us

In 1996 I have founded my company named BEHI in a small office, where the company has offered services like typewriting, copying, bookbinding, laminating etc. At that time I have had nothing else but my name BEHI, which I could put in pledge in front of his/her Majesty the CUSTOMER as guarantee that I will serve him/ her upright and correct. My strong will to satisfy all customers needs, my ambition to give answers to all their questions and my empathy to their problems have made company BEHI one big administration, which at this stage answers the needs of thousands customers physical persons, companies, organs and organizations.

Now the company offers consultations and services in connection with registration and management of a company; Accountancy; Customs regime of import and export of goods and services in the country and abroad; Translation and legalization of documents; Acquiring of citizenship and residence permit in Republic of Bulgaria; Transport, forwarding and courier services; Stationery trade; Intermediation in real estates sale-trade; Education in the country and abroad etc.The company disposes of the necessary technical equipment and collaborates with the best companies, specialized in various branches.

After so many years I can proudly state, that it is worth the pledge BEHI is already a trademark. Trademark which means ACCURACY, LOYALITY, CORRECTNESS.

Behide Chausheva