Services for local/ foreign phys. and jur. persons

Bulgarian Citizenship

Assistance and preparation of documents for obtaining, restoration and establishing presence of Bulgarian citizenship, as well as releasing from Bulgarian citizenship according to Bulgarian citizenship act as follows:

  • obtaining of citizenship by persons of Bulgarian origin;
  • obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through naturalization;
  • obtaining of citizenship by persons between 14 to 18 years, both of whose parents are Bulgarian citizens;
  • obtaining of citizenship by persons 18 years with one parent who is Bulgarian citizen;
  • restoration of citizenship;
  • establishing presence of citizenship;
  • releasing from Bulgarian citizenship;

Residence permit in Republic of Bulgaria

Assistance with preparation of documents for authorization of continuous and permanent residence in Bulgaria as follows:

Continuous residence:

  • Family members of Bulgarian citizen;
  • Financially secure parents of permanently residing foreigners or Bulgarian citizen;
  • Family members of a foreigner who has received a permit for continuous or permanent residence;
  • Granted the right of pension under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, country of origin or another country;
  • Representatives of foreign companies;
  • Working on an employment relationship;
Permanent residence:
  • Born in Republic of Bulgaria
  • Parents of Bulgarian citizen
  • Marriage with a permanent foreign resident
  • Children of permanent foreign resident
  • Foreigners have entered the Republic of Bulgaria till December 27, 1998
  • Resided legally and without interruption in the Republic of Bulgaria within the last five years

Other services:
  • Preparation of documents for registration in the Embassy of the country in connection with military service;
  • Preparation of documents for the retirement of Bulgarian citizens living abroad;

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